Institute for Bible, Theology, & Hermeneutics

The Institute for Bible, Theology, & Hermeneutics seeks to overcome fragmentation within the field of Divinity. It promotes intra-disciplinary conversation between biblical studies, theology, hermeneutics, and the reception of scripture.  In this way, it strives for a more integrated discipline competent to engage in inter-disciplinary research. With the study of general hermeneutical theory and practice at its centre, it is outward-looking and keen to engage with issues arising from the contemporary world, even as it seeks to learn from and enrich our understanding of past encounters with scripture.

The Institute for Bible, Theology, & Hermeneutics was established in 2009 to give formal identity to research into Scripture and Theology associated with the work at St Mary’s School of Divinity. It took significant shape under the direction of Professor Mark Elliott, between 2009 and 2018. The Institue is currently co-directed by Professor William Tooman and Dr T.J. Lang, advised by Professor Mark Elliott, Professor Caroline Humfress, and Dr Alice König.